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LeagueSync.com provides a free service to our members. We are working hard to constantly improve this service. We welcome any feedback on the site's operation and features.

All of our developers and advisors enjoy the sport of golf. Many of us have been involved in a golf league or have even managed a golf league. The site is based on a program developed in 1994 by our lead developer when he was a golf league manager.

The goal of this service is to make the work of the league manager easier and to provide the league's members with as much helpful information as possible. By having all the league's information available to all members, it makes the game more enjoyable.

We work very hard on user satisfaction because we are funded through advertising. This means we don't receive funds before you start using the website. Or after 30 days. We only receive funds if you continue to use the services provided here. Therefore we are very motivated to provide the best services and support possible.

The site is hosted by HostGator a world-leading provider of web hosting service with more than 12,000 servers under management. The site has a guarantee of 99.9% uptime. All data is automatically backup each week. All the code running the site is stored in a secure code vault on another server.

We are working hard to incorporate any new requests that a golf league requires or another league may find useful. If you request an improvement, please be patient as we add it to the list of many new features that are scheduled for release.

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