Karl Nilsen League
2024 Season - 1st - Round 8
Next Round
2024 Season
1st - Round 9
Nilsen Westwoods
Front Nine
Closest To The Pin [pts not ft]
Closest to Pin (3) [3 ft]Peter DAddario
Closest to Pin (7) [2 ft]Steve Kerr
Closest to Pin (2nd) (3) [1 ft]Paul Boucher
Closest to Pin (2nd) (7) [1 ft]Tom Rokosa
This Weeks Low Gross
Peter Kirkness34
Tom Rokosa35
Peter DAddario35
Frank Flood35
Bill Kievit36
Bruce Till36
Craig Strull38
Mike Barrette38
Jack Krampitz39
Gary Lukasewski39
Craig Turbacuski39
Marty Hurwitz40
Tedd Johnson40
Bob Calcinari40
Dave Kaczmarczyk40
Russ Moresi40
Dave Hurlbut40
Jim Murray41
Ben Zaniewski41
Gil Pelletier42
Michael Jakiel42
Jim Mascaro42
Ted Avery42
David Hitchcock42
Will Driscoll43
Bob Poggio43
Myles Ginley43
Rit Spargo44
Gardner Wright44
Paul Boucher44
Dave Martin44
Ed Maher44
Bob Boisvert44
Peter Jackson44
Steve Kerr45
Eric Wright46
Hank Lodge46
Roger Roy46
Ron Jakiel47
Richard Snyder48
Jay Messier48
Bob Blake51
George Wallace53
Peter DAddario4
Jack Krampitz4
Will Driscoll2
Craig Turbacuski2
Russ Moresi1
Marty Hurwitz1
Peter Kirkness0
Gardner Wright0
David Hitchcock0
Golf League News
Bill Kievit
50 days ago
Please notify Bill at (860) 919-4960 or NilsenGolf@gmail.com if your not going to play any week during the season,

Each week the first group should be gong out by 3:15
Later groups go out in 5-6 minute intervals.
Please show up early and Play Well

Check back each week to see results and updated handicap
This Weeks Low Net
Peter DAddario26
Tom Rokosa30
Jack Krampitz30
Dave Hurlbut30
Marty Hurwitz30
Gil Pelletier30
Will Driscoll30
Peter Kirkness32
Bruce Till32
Craig Strull32
Mike Barrette32
Bob Calcinari32
Jim Mascaro32
Eric Wright32
Hank Lodge32
Frank Flood33
Bill Kievit33
Gary Lukasewski33
Dave Kaczmarczyk33
Jim Murray33
Ben Zaniewski33
Michael Jakiel33
David Hitchcock33
Gardner Wright33
Craig Turbacuski34
Russ Moresi34
Myles Ginley34
Bob Poggio34
Rit Spargo34
Tedd Johnson35
Dave Martin35
Bob Boisvert35
Ed Maher35
Ted Avery36
Ron Jakiel36
Richard Snyder36
Peter Jackson37
Steve Kerr37
Paul Boucher38
Roger Roy39
Jay Messier39
Bob Blake39
George Wallace40
Jay Messier11
Craig Turbacuski10
Peter Kirkness9
Roger Roy9
Russ Moresi8
Michael Jakiel8
Gary Lukasewski8
Paul Boucher7
Jack Krampitz7
Frank Flood7
Peter DAddario7
Ed Maher7
Bruce Till7
Craig Strull6
Dave Kaczmarczyk6
Will Driscoll6
Marty Hurwitz6
Mike Tancredi6
Mark Redman6
Gil Pelletier5
Bob Calcinari5
Mike Barrette5
Dave Hurlbut5
Dave Martin5
Rit Spargo5
David Hitchcock4
Tedd Johnson4
Dennis Hart4
Ron Jakiel4
Gardner Wright4
Eric Wright4
Ted Avery4
Jim Mascaro4
Ben Zaniewski3
Richard Snyder3
Tom Rokosa3
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