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Non League Play
We are not really a league. We have 150 active members who live nationally and internationally and we run a Saturday game every week for anyone who wants to play. We send a note out each week and anyone who plays to play replies to that email. We then create pairings, play a game of varying formats each week depending on the number and skill of the players, and key Hole by hole scoring data to maintain individual hdcps.

Is there anyway to create a user group that allows me to simply select random players from the pool of members for each game each week? We usually have no more than 24 of the 150 members show up on any given Saturday and it's never the same 24 individuals.
Author: John Schreiber
5 years ago   2014-04-14
Yes and no. There is an option under the Player Mass Edit that allows to set players as available (yes or no). The schedule will only use players that have available set to yes. You will need to update the schedule matches manually after changing the player's available status. We make no promises on how well the system will prevent people playing the same person more than once.Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2014-04-21
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