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How many rounds trigger handicap adjustments?
we are new this year, and have entered scores from last year to set handicaps for this year. beginning this year, at what point are handicaps adjusted...meaning after how many rounds initially, and then is it weekly afterwards?Author: Tim
5 years ago   2014-04-08
per a recent post to a similar question you replied:

'There are a couple of ways to use existing handicaps. The most common is to add the previous rounds for each of those players. These previous rounds are not the entire scorecard, just the gross score. Plus you only need to add the rounds to calculate the handicap, not the entire previous year. This allows the website to use the old rounds and the new scores as played to calculate the handicap.' so to my initial question, how are the handicaps calculated initially, and how often from that point on?
Author: Tim
5 years ago   2014-04-08
The handicaps are calculated every time a scorecard is entered. The scorecard's date (from the schedule) and the handicap rules define how many previous rounds to use in calculating the handicap.

The handicaps displayed are based on the current round set under the schedule menu. This controls what round the handicaps are displayed for. The current round setting defines what round is used for the reports on the home page.
Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2014-04-08
i also have a question/problem i am working on...in working with your software, i am having problems with handicaps. i have a 11-week, 8-team league, 9 holes per week. the scores are entered in for all 11 weeks. but in viewing the handicaps week-by-week, there is something strange happening at week 5 where the handicaps drop dramatically for some players. and i can't figure out what's going on. i've gone through every round and re-run all of the cards. you can see where after week 4 the handicaps are all "normal". then after week 5 they change so much that there are a lot of negative handicaps. for instance, one girl that shot like 20 over par is listed as a -13. so her 57 was adjusted to 70 (which is backwards). but that's just 1 example of many. some guys who were around a 2 handicap have gone to -4 or -5 after week 5. i rechecked my set up many times and cannot figure out where it goes wrong.

can you please help? the name of the league is called RedZone. league id is y2014. thanks for any help you can do for me, marty
Author: Marty Reilly
5 years ago   2014-04-17
please help with the question above. i need to get my league straightened away by friday, 4/25. thank youAuthor: Marty Reilly
5 years ago   2014-04-20
The issue was the golf course. It was only half entered with a 18 hole course rating, but the system was told it was a 9 hole course rating. So everyone shot well below par. Send us the course information for the other half and we can correct course. Then we can update the handicaps.Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2014-04-21
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