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Resetting Handicap
Anyone know how to reset the handicaps to zero for the 1st round of a new season?Author: Dee Berry
5 years ago   2014-03-29
Under the league settings, then handicap settings, change the limit "Oldest Round Used for Handicapping" to the 5 plus the number of rounds in a season. For example if you play 18 rounds in a year, then set the limit to 23 weeks. The additional 5 rounds is to allow for rainouts and/or holidays in the year.

Then click Update Handicaps under Players in the top menu. This will cause the handicaps to reset for the start of every year.
Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2014-03-31
How do I carry handicaps over from last year for players coming back to this year, only have a few new players that have to play practice rounds.Author: Paul Carey
5 years ago   2014-04-13
Increase the handicap setting "Oldest Round Used for Handicapping" to at least 60 weeks. Your league is using a setting of less than 52 weeks. So the system is not finding any previous rounds to use for the handicap calculation.Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2014-04-21
I have used Leaguesync for 2 years, without any issue but I can not remember how to reset the handicaps this year. Please advise. ThanksAuthor: Jeff Landtroop
3 years ago   2016-04-19
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