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New Manager Access?
Hi - 2nd year using this program (and it is great btw). Added a couple of managers this year and they have confirmed. How do they log in now so that the site identifies them as managers and allows the same access that I have?Author: Chris Stollar
5 years ago   2014-03-28
The new managers use their email address as their login. The emails listed under league preferences. They should have setup a password as part of the confirming process. The forgot password option can be used if they don't remember the password.

They will log into your golf league by default as managers. Let us know if they are still having issues.

Also, thanks on the feedback!!
Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2014-03-31
The problem is that during the confirmation process, they were never instructed to do anything other than click on the link that was in the email sent to them. Once they clicked on the link, they were shown as managers with no other instruction on log in procedures.Author: Chris Stollar
5 years ago   2014-04-05
Agreed. This will be corrected in the new version.Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2014-04-07
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