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Match Play Scoring
I am trying to establish the scoring system for our league. Our league is a 2 person team match play format.

Team 1 vs. Team 2 (with handicaps). We award 2 points for the team with the most holes won. We award 1 bonus point if you win 7 or more holes. What scoring system will fit this format?

In addition to above, we play A1 vs. A2 and B1 vs. B2 (with handicaps). We award 2 separate individual points for the individual who wins the most holes out of the A vs. B groupings. When I try to set this up under "Match Play w Teams" scoring format, the individual points are added to the team points and also counted as individual points. How can I separate them from the team points and only count as individual points.

If I need to keep the scoring system as match play and custom, how does the custom option work? I can not seem to find where to enter the points manually for a custom scoring system.

Thanks for the help.
Author: Mike Nibert
5 years ago   2014-03-22
The scoring option of win 7 or more holes is not available as an automatic function.

The option to view team points without individual points is a first time request. It's a good idea. The points are stored separately as team and individual. Problem is there is no report to show team points without individual points. Next problem is no new reports are being added to the system until we release the new website. Which is very late and still months away.

The custom scoring is done by turning on manual scoring in addition to your other scoring method. When manual scoring is turned on, it allows the league manager to manually modify points awarded after closing the round.
Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2014-03-26
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