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How the heck do I enter scores????
I must be a bit dense but I can not for the life of me figure out where I go to actually enter the scores into a score card. What am I missing here???Author: Dan Dimitrovski
5 years ago   2014-03-06
I am finding the same problem. I previously set up a mock league with players just to try out the site and was able to enter scores. Now that I've set it up with my actual league, I'm getting all kinds of database error messages and can't add a scorecard.Author: Ronald Miller
5 years ago   2014-03-10
There are two questions here.

First: A schedule must be defined before a scorecard can be entered. The system needs to know when and where the scorecards are for.

Second: Was a scheduling issue also. One the system should have prevented.

Found the issue with the database error. The schedule was setup to be a knockdown (position) round. This causes the system to look at the previous round to determine who should play who. Since there are no previous scorecards, the system got lost.

I changed the schedule to be a normal round for the 1st round. This fixed the issue. You can enter scorecards now.
Author: Brian H
5 years ago   2014-03-12
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