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If anyone knows the answer please reply soon!
I am new to this site and need help explaining to my league how the Stableford point system works. I understand how I have it manually set up, example 1 oint for par, -1 point for double bogie...etc. What I do not understand is how the players handicap is used in this system. From the information I have read on the forum it appears the handicap is applied "per hole" but I need an explanation of how that works. If a player has a 18 handicap, does that player get 1 additional stroke per hole, so if he shoots a bogy on a hole it will give him credit for a par? If this is the case, then how does it work for anyone with a handicap less than 18? Do they not get any help under the stableford point system format? I'm just really confused on how the handicap comes into play so PLEASE someone explain this to me.. lol THANKSAuthor: Sean Callahan
5 years ago   2014-02-16
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