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Question on how the point system works...
I have not started my league yet but I am trying to get a full understanding of how the point system works on this site. I understand how I have it set up, 1 point for par, 2 for birdies and so on. My question is, where does the players handicap come in to play? Are there points for overall score? Do the players with high handicaps not have to actually shoot a 4 on a par 4 to get a point? I like the idea of the points for doing well on holes and losing points for doing poor on holes but some of the guys in my league may get only a few pars and rarely a birdie lol. Will the handicap help them? I guess my question is, How does the handicap affect the players points? Is it during the round each hole or after the round combing handicap with overall points? I just want to be able to explain how this point system works to everyoneAuthor: Sean Callahan
5 years ago   2014-02-14
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