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Handicap says N/A
I have a few players that the handicapps are coming up N/A for my final week of play. Why is this happening??
It happens when I went to set next week as the current round. All the players that are N/A are players I added as replacements to guys that dropped out of the league.
Otherwise, my entire league love the website and I have been passing it along to others, GREAT WORK!
Author: Sean McHugh
6 years ago   2013-09-13
Until there is a score associated with the new players, they do not have a handicap, which comes up as an N/A. What I did for my league was to add an "Old Score" to each of them that was equal to the handicap that I wanted them to start with (a 40 on a par 36 for 9 holes that gave them a 4 handicap). That seemed to work pretty well.

Hope this helps.
Author: Jonathan Belanger
6 years ago   2013-10-04
Now I have 2 players, both substitutes, that have N/A as their handicap. In one case, the player has one round that calculated out to the maximum handicap. In the other case, the player has 2 rounds listed. I'm not sure why either of these players have N/A as a handicap. Please help.Author: Jonathan Belanger
5 years ago   2014-01-13
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