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Maximum of a triple bogey use to calculate the handicap
My league uses a maximum of a triple bogey to calculate the handicap. So on a par for, all strokes after 7 are not used in the handicap calculation. Is it possible to do this on this system and how? If not, does this force me to manually manage handicaps?

Author: Jonathan Belanger
6 years ago   2013-09-11
The stroke limiting for handicaps is the stroke control (ESC) option under handicap rules. This is a standard option used by many leagues.

Take a look at the ESC option and let us know any questions.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-09-11
I looked at the ESC, but am not sure it will do exactly what I'm looking for. Our league uses a maximum of 3 over par per hole from which a handicap is calculated. Not knowing what ESC was, I googled it and it appears to have a scale associated with it (from2 over par for a 0-9 handicap to a 10 for a handicap of 40 or more). Since we only allow up to a 27 handicap (I did use the maximum handicap feature) and even if you have a 0 handicap or a 27 handicap you can only get a 3 over par on any hole. Does you ESC implementation have the ability to take that into account?Author: Jonathan Belanger
6 years ago   2013-09-11
You are correct. The original design behind ESC was to scale the limit based on handicaps. The idea was to make sure a player was playing within their skill level. Hence a player with a 5 handicap should not have more than a double bogey on any hole.

LeagueSync allows the ESC to be used just as a straight forward limit for the entire league. When configuring ESC set the number of handicap levels to one. This will make the limit work for all players regardless of handicap.

When setting up the ESC make sure to select Over Par option instead of the default Total Strokes. For your league the Over Par option with 3 strokes matches your league's description.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-09-12
Perfect. Thanks. Exactly what I was hoping. LeagueSync even found a math error on my part (I miss calculated the triple bogey score for my partner on the card).Author: Jonathan Belanger
6 years ago   2013-09-12
I just noticed that the ESC removed the option for setting the handicap levels to 1. I used the levels 2 and set them to be identical for 3 over par.Author: Jonathan Belanger
5 years ago   2014-04-30
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