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Schedule issues
We played our last week on 8/27. Unfortunately, there was an outing so we had to go off the opposite 9 holes than the schedule said. However, some that showed up late ended up going off the correct 9. So, we had some off the front and others off the back. I did a search and see where it was recommended to set up a second division just for that night and add a second round. When i tried that, it didn't go as expected and it appears i lost my schedule (message says schedule is missing although i can see it, i just can't see any cards).

I am now to the point were I deleted the 8/27 round but i can't seem to get it entered correctly so I can add some to the front and others to the back and have my schedule appear so i can add cards.

Any suggestions/help you can provide would be appreciated.
Author: Kent Boucher
6 years ago   2013-09-03
I will have to look into the steps you did to determine what went wrong with the schedule.

For now I added the 8/27 round back to the schedule. Here is a trick to have the front and back scorecards in the same round without using divisions to split the league for one round.

To the schedule to front nine for 8/27. Then enter the scorecards for the players that played the front. Now edit the round and switch the schedule for 8/27 to the back nine. Enter the scorecards for the back nine. Then close the round like normal.

The scorecard system uses the schedule settings to determine front or back only when a scorecard is entered. The schedule settings do effect the skin games.

Let me know if you are still having issues.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-09-04
Worked great. Thanks.Author: Kent Boucher
6 years ago   2013-09-04
It sounds like it would be possible to add a feature which could do swap between one course and another, which could be used while adding a scorecard. Much like the feature which can swap player positions (player 1 switched with player 3 for instance) and recalculate the scores... a course swap feature would plot the new par values on each hole & handicap ratings, then recalculate the scores. The next scorecard could start with the latest selected course, but it wouldn't really matter if it stayed as the regularly scheduled course.Author: Brian Marsh
4 years ago   2015-04-26
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