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Printing blank score cards does not take page size into account...
I tried to print out the blank score cards, but noticed that part of the first card on the second page is actually started at the very bottom of the first page.Author: Jonathan Belanger
6 years ago   2013-09-03
Did you use the printer icon on the page? Or just use the printer function of the web browser?

The printer icon should cause each scorecard to be on their own page.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-09-04
The print Icon doesnt allow me to print one card per page. I think the print function of the browser is taking over. I use Chrome. Ca you walk me through this?Author: Steve Gilbert
5 years ago   2014-05-05
Hi Steve,

I use Chrome as well. If you use Chrome's printing function, then use the margin adjustment feature to put one card on a page. This will take a bit of trial and error to get working close to properly, but will still have some anomalies (cards on subsequent pages may not line up perfectly from the previous page).

When I run my cards, I run a couple of passes using normal paper, and once I get it right I run them one more time using 110lb paper.

Author: Jonathan Belanger
5 years ago   2014-05-07
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