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Help - Scheduling failing to set all teams to play each other once

I cant seem to make the scheduler set all teams to play each other once in my league. We have 16 teams, so should get 15 weeks of head to head, then we add 3 weeks of knockdown (I have to do these manually) to get 18 total weeks. I am scheduling week 16 right now (which is actually like week 14 in terms of who plays who) and it is setting matches up like week 1. What can I do here?
Author: William Hunter
6 years ago   2013-08-15
FYI, I went in and fixed this manually. It seems the system does not look at knockdown rounds as outside of the normal head to head rounds. I would therefore assume that I would need to set up my league as 18 weeks, which would allow for 15 head to head rounds (16 teams) and 3 knockdown weeks?Author: William Hunter
6 years ago   2013-08-20
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