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Strokes given on hardest holes
I've noticed on certain rounds that when i manually figure out scores i will get let's say 14-6 and the program scores it 13-7. Take a look at Round 6 second half team 5 vs 8 in particular hole 7 i show we should of split that hole since team 5 would be getting a stroke on that hole. ( team 5 was getting a total of seven strokes divided among the 7 hardest holes). Can you please explain how the strokes per hole are caculated.

Author: George Greco
6 years ago   2013-08-08
I think the issue is a league setting for combined ball. We have two options on how to apply the handicap strokes. Either apply the handicap strokes before combining the strokes or apply the handicap strokes after combining the strokes. Your description matches applying the strokes after combining. But your league is set to apply the handicap strokes before combining.

If you wish to apply the strokes before combining, then change the league settings. Then just re-open each round and close the round again. This will cause the team scorecard to be re-calculated using the new league settings.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-08-08
Brian these are my choices.

Applied Before Combining Scores
Sum Handicaps then Apply to Combined Scores
Do not use handicaps

We have it set for Applied Before Combining Scores
So your saying to choose the Sum Handicaps choice?

Author: George Greco
6 years ago   2013-08-09
Your description in the previous post matches the apply the handicaps after combining the scores.

I recommend trying it. There is no harm in playing with the settings. LeagueSync was designed to allow different rules to be tested. This allows leagues to determine which scoring rules work best for their league.

Just change the league settings, then re-open the round, update the scorecards (re-run), and close the round. These functions are at the bottom of the scorecard page. Repeat for every round once you agree with the results.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-08-09
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