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Modifying a closed week
Can the manager make changes to a scorecard after the week is closed. And what exactly does setting the current round do. We are allowing missed (absent) rounds to be made up and turned in by the next week. So if I close a round will I be able to add/modify a scorecard?Author: Donna
8 years ago   2011-05-02
Yes, a manager can edit a round after its closed. The closed button is replaced with a 'Re-Open Round' button. The main purpose of the close round is to allow the system to calculate the team scores. Plus prevents unwanted changes.

The system would allow a scorecard to be entered at any point. A score could be updated 3 weeks later if required. Its just up to the league to allow it. The league manager just needs to re-open the round. Make any modifications required. If the change was to effect rounds after the modified round, just re-open the rounds following the change and click the button 'Rerun Cards'. This button will recalculate any handicaps and points for that round.
Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2011-05-02
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