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I have 2 questions. First, there are a couple of teams where I've had to change one of the regular players for someone else. I changed the original player's status to guest and their teams is now 0. However, they continue to show up on the original schedule. Do I need to go back and recreate each week for the remainder of the schedule? I've been hesitant to do that because I don't want to mess the schedule up as it's worked well so far.

The other question involves the parings. Is it possible to pair up the two players on each team on the card/schedule? Since we use combined match, it's easier to have each team member next to each other on the scorecard. Thanks
Author: Jason Schwartz
6 years ago   2013-07-01
The schedule was created when the player was on the team. To update the schedule for the player changes, edit the schedule. Click setup matches, then click Update Scorecard Assignments. This will update the scorecards for the player team changes. Repeat for each round.

Your request is a good one. Currently the assignments can't be automatically done with the one team on top and the other on the bottom. You can manually modified the scorecard assignments for this. I will add your request to the list. Thanks.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-07-01
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