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Add Tee times to the handout
It would be great to add tee times to the night's pairingsAuthor: Tom Stock
6 years ago   2013-06-18
Agreed. We need to finally add this.Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-06-19
Good idea. I was about to propose that.

I would also like to request addition of League comments. Maybe an area for standard comments, that don't change each week (like "Double Par Max Strokes"). Plus another area for comments specific to each Round....

Thanks for listening. I love this site! Yes, there's some warts here and there, but workarounds galore...
Author: Bill Linss
6 years ago   2013-06-24
I would suggest that the course information could include the tee times for the day. Since the course has a defined tee schedule each day, the scheduled matches can be automatically assigned tee times based on the Starting Tee Time which is set each day. Our league swaps courses, with one at 8 minute intervals & the other at 9 minutes. Additionally, once the planned pairings and tee times are initially set, perhaps those pairings could be reassigned by the manager?Author: Brian Marsh
5 years ago   2014-03-25
Export schedule to Excel or Word or Text? If adding a tee time to each pairing is difficult, perhaps the ability to export the league schedule to a spreadsheet would help the managers. I would like that if the matches can be organized in a spreadsheet report which I could add the tee times to, and rearrange the tee order.Author: Brian Marsh
5 years ago   2014-03-25
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