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Scorecard Revision
We play kind of a different format in our league. Where most leagues have the A Player play the A Player, and the B Player play the B Player, we actually have 4 matches being played for 1 point each. The A Player is not only playing the A Player but also the B Player in a match during the same round, and vice versa. We also have a team point for low team net, worth one point. With your scorecard it shows where each player is getting handicap strokes, would it be possible to turn that feature on/off on the scorecard, because we don't use it the way you intended it to be used. Also could you add a box after the net score where players could write their points in, and a box where teams could write the team net score in, along with a box for the team point. Thanks.Author: Richard DeLacy
6 years ago   2013-06-18
Nice idea. Currently we don't have those options. I will add this to the long list.

Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-06-19
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