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totalling all points team members win
help!,, how can I get all points won by either individual or team to show up in the team point totals?

we play several different games throughout our season, last week was match play, no team points awarded, however, each team member had the chance to win 3 points for his match. how can I get those points to show up in the total "team" points in standings. I post standings every week in the clubhouse, gotta be something easy, and I'm not seeing it.

Also, this weeks match is "pro-rules", everyone is playing everyone, the 10 lowest scores are awarded 3 pts., no team points again, however, I would like them to be counted in the team point standings. What would my preferences be for my Pro-rules game, just use manual scoring?
Author: Tim Drake
6 years ago   2013-05-29
There is no report that combines all the different point methods. If you are using different point methods each week. Then you will have to combine the point totals manually using the manual points. We are planning on adding a report to combine the points, but it's currently not on the release schedule. Sorry.Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-05-29
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