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Alternate Course for Score Card Addition
It's probably an off case that doesnt happen very often, but our league plays on a course that has 3 9's and sometimes 2 teams will go off the wrong side or play a makeup match on the wrong side due to scheduling difficulty with the course.

It would be nice when entering score cards, to have the option to Add a scorecard and manually select which course it was on instead of only being able to select between the two that should have been played that round.
Author: Bob Robinette
6 years ago   2013-05-29
This can be done by using some scheduling options but requires some extra work in the schedule. Turning on 2 Divisions - 1 Group would allow this.

We are planning some major improvements for the scheduling system. One of these would make this easier. The improvements are not planned until next year.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-05-29
Thanks for the response!
We already are a 2 Division - 1 Group league, which makes it even more frustrating that teams mess this up.

No big deal at the moment...I'm not sure how to finaggle it with our setup, but I just wanted to mention it as something to throw on the list when you have some development time planned.

I ended up just putting in their over/under score hole by hole on the course they were supposed to play, and then overrode the point totals after closing the round.
Author: Bob Robinette
6 years ago   2013-05-29
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