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Additional games
Another thing that we might like - Many ladies leagues play a lot of different types of games - most putts, chip-in, poker hand. Is there anyway a user (manager's) category for games, might be put with the prizes tab? Just a thought.
Author: Donna
8 years ago   2011-05-02
Yes, we can add more games to the list of games. I just a need a list of the names of the games and if it applies to a hole (like pin shot).Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2011-05-02
if you could put chip-ins and low putts it would be great.Author: Donna
8 years ago   2011-05-02
We should have this change within a week. I just have to add it to our feature list. It's an easy one.Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2011-05-02
The number of putts can be entered for Lowest Putts prize. Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2011-05-17
Could you add "Weekly Winner"; "1st Half Winner"; "2nd Half Winner"; "League Champion" to the prize tab. Or an "Other" that would allow a small text field for typing what the prize was for...Author: James Love
8 years ago   2011-12-30
Yes. We can add these additional prizes. It will take a little time with the current schedule of improvements.Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-01-06
Brian, you already have the one request above about additional prizes. So that is still good. Would it be possible to get a prize report that can be ran that will take all the proze winners from each round/week and consolidate them on one report to be printed. We do one prize dinner after the last tournament round, it would be nice to have that information consolidated on one report to print and take with me.

But I do like being able to click on the week and see who won each week.

I can't really express how much I appreciate what you all are doing. And your responses to inquires some of the best customer support I have had the privlage to experience. Thank you so much. Rich
Author: James Love
7 years ago   2012-03-30
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