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i was wondering if it was possible to limit strokes for a skins game. we use skins based on handicap but everyone in the league feels getting 2 stokes on a hole is not fair in a skins game. is there a way we could put a max on handicap of 1 per hole.

also is there a way to delete a skins game? I have a few open ones that are blank.

lastly when i tried to add/delete people in a skins game using my galaxy s3 chrome browser it would not allow me to do it. i would select the play to add or remove and hit apply but it would not take. thanks again.

lastly when viewing scorecards the points show as 0.00 for each hole.

thanks again for an awesome sight!!
my league is (recleague)
Author: John Anadio
6 years ago   2013-05-10
Currently no. But limiting the handicap strokes for skin games is on the list of improvements to be completed this summer.

We missed the delete button. Wow. I don't know how that got by testing. We will be adding a delete button. Sorry.

Your league has stableford and flight scoring turned on. Only one scoring method is displayed on the scorecard page. Currently the flight method is shown first which has no points per hole. I will see if you can change the order.

Thanks on the feedback also!!!
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-05-10
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