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Score entering capability only?
I'd like to request the ability to add a person as a manager, but only give them ability to input score's and total putts. Maybe call them a scorekeeper?

Author: Tyler
6 years ago   2013-05-05
That is on the list of features. Current plan is to add this with entering scores through a mobile device on the course.Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-05-06
I could see the value in allowing all player in a league able to enter scorecards or not by settings. This would require player accounts, though. For private leagues there is a league password. Perhaps that would be enough control, if only the manager could close a round, or edit a submitted scorecard. Even a player submitted scorecard could possibly be edited after submission, by any other league member, if only the manager could certify that card.Author: Brian Marsh
5 years ago   2014-03-31
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