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New Team Match Scoring
I'm entering my scorecard for week 1 and I'm trying to figure out how the scoring works. Please take a look at team 8 vs. team 9. It looks like it's giving each player on the team points that total to a score of 10 for each team. I'm sure that I'm not understanding this correctly. My goal is to have each hole worth 1 point (ties allowed) and then 1 point for total team net score, which is a sum of 10 total points between the two teams. My own calculation results in a score of 6.5 for team 8 and 3.5 for team 9. Thanks again for your help.Author: Jason Schwartz
6 years ago   2013-05-01
I think I see the confusion. Did you add new scorecards or modified the team combined scorecards? You need to add new scorecards for each player who played. The system will automatically create the team scorecards once the round is created.

Let me know if you have more questions on this.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-05-02
You are correct that I was modifying the team scorecards that had already been created. This is definitely a little confusing. So I went back in and instead created a new scorecard and now there aren't any points being awarded. Any ideas? Maybe I didn't do it correctly. Do I add one player to each scorecard or can I add all 4 people to the same card?Author: Jason Schwartz
6 years ago   2013-05-03
Since you are using combined team match play, the points are awarded when the round is closed. The actual scorecards don't have points because only team points are awarded.

I closed your first round. There are now scorecards for the matches that have points. Also, until the scorecards for the other teams are entered, their combined scorecards with be incorrect. The system uses the schedule's team vs team match ups to know which teams to combine their scores.

FYI For subs, the team # on the scorecard needs to be the team # they are playing for. I changed your sub's team # to match who he was playing for.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-05-04
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