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Scheduling difficulties

I have 15 real teams and one "BLIND" dummy team. When I set up our schedule for the season, I want to set it up so that each team plays every other team once and the blind once, with 3 added weeks of positioning or knockdown play. I set it up last night, and it seems like its leaving out 2 weeks of head to head when automatically generated, as if I had only 14 teams. Can you help me here? I can't find a setting that would fix this.
Author: William Hunter
6 years ago   2013-05-01
There is no settings to fix this. The auto scheduler in very simple. It was never designed for some of the different methods we are seeing. We are planning a major rewrite of the scheduler next year to include these different methods.

You can use the manual scheduling options to change who players who.

Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-05-02
SO it would be best if I scheduled my 16 week season and then after the fact added the 3 additional knockdown rounds?Author: William Hunter
6 years ago   2013-05-04
It would help, but it may still not match exactly what you want. You may still need to manually modify the schedule.Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-05-04
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