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I have set-up my golf league using your system and we just completed our 1st week. We are using Stableford scoring and I had a question regarding how that scoring is done with handicaps. Does the system use handicaps to calculate the Stableford score?

I know it was only our 1st week but it is showing a handicap for all golfers but it appears as though it didn't effect the stableford scoring. I thought maybe it takes a few weeks to see the effect but I want to be sure.

Thank you for your help and the system seems great.
Author: Mike
8 years ago   2011-04-20
First, thank you for sending us your concerns. We are always guessing if the site meets the different league's requirements.

The Stableford scoring method does apply a player's handicap to each hole before calculating the score. Since your members don't have a handicap to start with, the scores for the first round will be close to each other. To correct this, some leagues will wait until after the 4th round and use the 4th round's handicap for the first few rounds. I can explain how to do this if it sounds helpful.

Please let us know if you have any questions or problems with the site. We are always looking for new or improved features for the site.
Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2011-04-20
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