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upload a pdf to be displayed for season Schedule?
First off, great job on the web site!!!! First year using this and have liked it very much.
Is there a way to upload a schedule in pdf format that our players can click on and then they can print their own season schedules themselves?
or possibly be able to add a link to a document the players could print.
Thanks in advance for your time, much appreciated.
Author: Kevin McGee
6 years ago   2013-04-16
First, thanks on the feedback!!!

There is a print button on the schedule page. This will only the members to print the schedule. Also, you could install a PDF printer that prints the page as a PDF. An example of a free PDF printer is PrimoPDF.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-04-16
Thank you for your quick response.
Yes i saw the print button but that only prints the current round out, i wanted a way to print the entire season out along with which team played which team for each week. I didnt think you had this capability yet and thought a work around could be embed a pdf that i have created for players to click on and print themselves.

Thanks again for a great website.
Author: Kevin McGee
6 years ago   2013-04-16
Yes I was wondering if there was a way to print whole schedule also.Author: Becky Killion
6 years ago   2013-04-16
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