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Different Handicap for Front and Back 9
Currently, the way my league figures out handicaps is by using the rating of the front nine, and separately, the rating of the back nine. I was able to set up that difference when creating my course, but what I cannot seem to do is get separate handicaps for the front and back. I only get a single handicap. Is there a way to have a different handicap based on the set of 9 that you are playing?Author: Tom Cimochowski
6 years ago   2013-04-14
The system will calculate a different handicap for front vs back since the option "Use Course Rating/Slope Correction" is turn on for your league. The handicap report will show the course handicap for the next round to be played. The setting "Set Current Round" under schedule will change which round the handicap is being displayed for. You can change the current round to see the different handicaps.Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-04-15
I thought that I saw the difference yesterday when I tested this. I now have to prove it to a league member, and it is not working. I have chosen to update handicaps and the handicaps still do not change between front and back nines when I change the Current Round.Author: Tom Cimochowski
6 years ago   2013-04-16
The slope entered is the same for the front and back, therefore you would not see a different handicap between the front and back.

The course rating is used to determine the number of strokes over par. The slope is used to adjust the handicap between courses. If the slopes are the same, then the handicaps will be the same.

I looked up Stadium Golf Club in the USGA database. It shows the front having a slope of 105 and the back with 115. I think this is more what you are after. Because this will cause the back nine to have a higher handicap value.

Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-04-16
Okay Brian. I now have the course rating/slope corrected and see that the Course Handicap is different from the Hcp Index. The only problem that I see now is that the scorecard assignments show the Hcp Index and not the Course Hcp. How would I go about getting the Course Hcp on the scorecard instead of the Hcp Index? Can see where this would be confusing to the guys in the league.

Thanks again,
Author: Tom Cimochowski
6 years ago   2013-04-22
The viewing the blank scorecards show the course handicap. I can look into changing which handicap value is displayed.Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-04-22
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