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Our league has 28 guys, so every week we go out in seven foursomes. Each foursome is made up of two teams (2 players a team). Weeks 1-13 we play regular play to accumulate points. Once the 13th week is over, the top 8 teams make the playoffs, which are weeks 14-16 and is single elimination. Week 14 matchups will be decided on ranking, 1 though 8. For example, 1 team will play 8 team, 2 team will play 7 team, etc. Once our last regular league week is played, Is there a way to have the site automatically pair the top 8 teams in a single elimination playoff format?Author: Joe Conway
6 years ago   2013-04-08
The website currently does not have an automatic playoff scheduling method. Many leagues setup the regular play as the 1st period. The 2nd period is the playoff rounds. The scheduling system allows the manager to manually pair up teams based on the type of playoff your league uses. So, the 1st period the scheduling is automatic and the 2nd period is done manually.

Hopefully this answers your question. If not, let us know.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-04-09
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