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Setting Scorecards
This is our first year using this software and I have a few questions regarding setting scorecards.First off, we have a 20 man league with 2man teams so there are 10 teams. Each team has an "A" and "B" player based on handicaps. I set the schedule for the whole year and i'm wondering if I have to manual set the scorecards every week ? I figured if i set the schedule for the year then each week the computer would automatically put the correct pairings on the cards based on the schedule ? But when i went to try to print the scorecards for our first round (next week), it appears that I have to manually type in all the names and handicaps ? That is going to take a lot of time every week not to mentioned clicking back and forth to see whos the A and B and what they're handicaps are..... Could you please clarify my questions. ThanksAuthor: Adam Wszola
6 years ago   2013-04-07
I think i figured it out, so basically this software does NOT allow me to print off scorecards before hand correct ? We have to use the course cards with the pairings from the software and at the end of the round I can then plug all the scores in and the comptuer will calculate the rest ?Author: Adam Wszola
6 years ago   2013-04-08
The scheduling system will pair A and B players based on handicaps automatically. It just requires a click of a button after closing the previous round or before the start of the next round. When editing the schedule, you can go under Setup Matches and click "Auto Matchup Assignment". This will pair the players based on handicaps. This will also add the scorecard assignments that can be printed for use on the course. These printed scorecards will show the handicap strokes for the match and the individual.

To print these scorecards, go to Schedule in the top menu. Then click View Details. Now click the View Blank Scorecards. When printed, each scorecard is printed on a separate page. Remember the scorecard assignments need to be created either manually or automatically to be printed.

After the match has been played, the scorecard need to be entered by clicking Add Scorecard.

Let us know any more questions you may have.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-04-08
The "View Blank Scorecards" button doesn't appear to be working for me at the moment, but I've seen the output and was wondering if this form could be edited to enter the resulting scores, rather than "adding a scorecard" and manually assigning opponents that have already been lined up with the automatic scheduling. Or, could there be the option to enter scores from a player's list, similar to the "mass edits" for a particular week? The software then uses the automatic schedule to match up the appropriate cards and calculate the scores. Author: Tom Murphy
6 years ago   2013-06-01
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