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Practice rounds w/2 divisions
I've got our league set up with the schedule. We play 7 rounds of "normal" play during the 1st period with 2 divisions. I've got those rounds schedule and everything looks ok. Each time I added a round, I got to add team match-ups for both division I and II. I put in 2nd period, which also has 7 rounds of "normal" play and that also looks ok.

Here's where I ran into a problem. At the end of our 1st period, we have 2 rounds of inter-divisional play, which counts toward handcap but does not score any points(it a way for the Tuesday and Thursday night guys to get to know each other). I figured I could just enter 2 practice rounds with the option of it counting toward handicap. So I added a practice round opted for them to count toward handicap, scheduled team matchups 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6, 7 vs 8 in Division I. I was going to do division II with same team matchup format and that would allow me to record the scores for handicap, and since the matches didn't count toward points, it wouldn't affect the standings and everything would be ok.

When I entered the normal matches I always got a Division I entry form with a Division II entry form right below it. This did not happen when I entered the practice round. There was no Division II. I must be doing something wrong because I would think if you can add practice rounds to Division I you would be able to do it with Division II. Can you help?
Author: Jim Hollis
6 years ago   2013-04-01
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