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How to print blank scorecards?
How do I print the blank scorecards with the players names, handicaps and possibly team numbers?

Also, how do I enter the scores after the round of golf is completed? The only thing I can find under scorecards is to add a scorecard. Seems like the scorecards should have the players names, handicaps etc. and then I just have to enter each person's score.

I must be missing something, but I not sure what it is.
Author: Kyle
8 years ago   2011-04-17
We are not planning on a method to print blank scorecards with player names since the golf courses supply the scorecards. But, you have pointed out something we are missing. There is no one page with the schedule, players, and handicaps shown in a format that would be easy to take to the golf course. This feature has been moved up the priority list, but will not be ready for at least two weeks.

The 'Add Scorecard' function is used to enter the scores. The add button brings up a blank scorecard. The card is blank due to the very large differences in league rules about who plays who. The schedule system would become overloaded with questions and options making the league setup very difficult.

To fill in a scorecard, just start typing the player's name into the name field. A list of available players will appear. Just select the player's name that matches the real scorecard. Once the player is selected, the team # and handicap are automatically filled in. The team # can be changed if the player is subbing on another team. Now enter the strokes per hole for that player. Once the scorecard is complete, click the 'Add' bottom at the bottom of the page.

You can enter a scorecard into the system to test how this works. This card can be deleted after you finish trying this out.

Let me know if this helps. And please keep asking questions because we know there are areas that need help.
Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2011-04-17
I am trying a test scorecard. I start typing a name and the list comes up. However, when I click on the name it fills in the box but then when I go to continue the name just goes back to only the letters I typed. What am I doing wrong?Author: Kyle
8 years ago   2011-04-18
First, what browser and version are you using? When you click the name did the handicap and team # get filled in also?Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2011-04-18
I am using Internet Explorer 8. I don't have handicaps in yet, but the Team # did fill in. The tee, which is Blue for all members, also did not fill in although the option box worked.Author: Kyle
8 years ago   2011-04-18
We did find an issue with some versions IE8 and entering scorecards. That issue should be corrected. Also the tee will be blank for your players with the white tee as the default. Your golf course does not have a white tee defined.Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2011-04-18
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