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Auto Schedule Team vs Team isn't working as I would expect
Hi Brian,

I was scheduling my one of my leagues and noticed when I was adding rounds the system wasn't having all teams play each other evenly. It would schedule 1 vs 4 majority of the time and 1 vs 2 the least amount of the time... here is the break down 1 vs 4 had 9 weeks, 1 VS 3 has 7 weeks and 1 vs 2 was 1 week. I would like it if this would be evenly spread to where out of the 21 weeks it would get as close as it could to 5 plays a piece.

Hope this makes sense. Please email me if you have any questions.

Author: Brian Wells
6 years ago   2013-03-26
I assume this is for your Intel league. Your league is using just 4 teams. I don't think we tested the scheduling formula with 4 teams or less. Plus, the Knockdown (Position) rounds could be on weeks were the other teams were playing each other.

We will have to look at the scheduling to see if we can improve this. Not sure anything will be done before your 1st round.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-03-27
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