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Scoring Teams vs Teams
In our league we are comprises as 2 man teams. We score team vs team with handicap as opposed to man vs man. Is there a way to total our scoring this way? We take the team A’s combined handicaps and match them with opposing team B’s. max shots given to any team would be 2 per hole.

Please let me know if this makes sense. We just have match play for total team scoring as opposed individual.
Author: Les Dietz
6 years ago   2013-03-15
Your description makes sense. We currently don't have team combined score by hole working at this time. It is almost complete but there are several other items that have to be completed first. Plus, the method of combining the scores is different method than we have heard. Nothing wrong, just a different method. I'm just looking at how to add this in as an optional method.

For now you will have to use the manual scoring option. Sorry.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-03-15
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