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Is there a plan for a premium service? Hows the upgrade going?
Is there any plan for a premium service? Or rather "pay for" service?

I know in my case, our league would gladly throw a few dollars your way to allow things like a custom header, no ads, color scheme, etc.

On a second note, I was wondering how the big winter update was going?

Just wondering, thanks!
Author: Bob Robinette
6 years ago   2013-02-18
Any plans to add a premium service or Ad free is very long term. The current model of offering a free service is working very well for us. We are planning on allowing more customizing of a league's site.

As for the major upgrade under development, we are behind schedule. It took us longer than planned to evaluate the best engine for the website. We are now if full development mode, but we are behind. Current plan is to work mainly on the mobile site first.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-02-19
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