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Existing League with already established handicaps
How do I enter in a leage that has been playing for years and already has established handicaps? I wouldnt want the season to go X weeks before calculationg winners and losers when we know handicaps already....

Also my league plays an entire 18 from one tee and the next week moves tees... so we are always moving from the white, black and gold tees. How is this going to be figured in?
Author: Les Dietz
6 years ago   2013-01-30
There are a couple of ways to use existing handicaps. The most common is to add the previous rounds for each of those players. These previous rounds are not the entire scorecard, just the gross score. Plus you only need to add the rounds to calculate the handicap, not the entire previous year. This allows the website to use the old rounds and the new scores as played to calculate the handicap.

Moving between tees is not an issue. When entering scorecards, there is an option to select the tee the player is using. Does your league use the course rating and slope correction since you are playing from different tees?

Let us know if you have any more questions.
Author: Brian H
6 years ago   2013-01-30
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