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Tee Time Assignment
Being in a golf work league makes scheduling and time a pretty big issue for a lot of the people. Our league is used to having exact tee times assigned to them and im worried things might get unruly if I don't assign them again this year.

I see the starting tee time option and am hoping you could add a 'tee time variance' option, and then each matchup have a tee time next to it on the schedule, instead of just one starting tee time?

I'm really loving diving deeper into this application - thanks again for the quick responses and great work!
Author: Bob Robinette
7 years ago   2012-10-29
That is a major request. The schedule is getting a major upgrade over the winter. The tee time for each match is part of the upgrade. I don't think we will have anything sooner. Hopefully this does not cause you problems with your league.Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-10-29
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