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USGA Handicap
Is there anyway to implement the USGA Handicap? Our league uses this handicap and I would hate to either change our established handicaps or not use the software because of this. Maybe just a checkbox to "use usga handicapping" that would disable all other calculations in the settings?

General rule: (Score - Course Rating) x 113 / Slope Rating

You then take the lowest # of rounds according to chart below and average them
# Rnds Differential
1-6 1
7-8 2
9-10 3
11-12 4
13-14 5
15-16 6
17 7
18 8
19 9
20 10

Unfortunately this may get complicated for you as travel leagues play different courses.

The website that explains how to calculate USGA handicaps is located here:

maybe this can be more easily accomplished by allowing slow and course rating calculations to be added in, or parts of that formula to be checked off.

Thanks for reading, and thanks again for keeping up to date with this awesome program!
Author: Bob Robinette
7 years ago   2012-10-25
I'm new to this site... The more I'm looking at it, the more it looks like this is how it is calculated!

Sorry about the lengthy post before. Let me know if this is correct - Thanks!
Author: Bob Robinette
7 years ago   2012-10-25
You are correct. The method you described is how handicaps can be calculated if slope correction is turned on under the handicap settings.

The handicap rules under league settings can be customized to match a league's handicap method.

I will update your league's rules to match the USGA method.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-10-25
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