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Manual Scheduling
Hi Brian!

I'm curious as to why I can't manually schedule my teams ahead of time and create the cards. As you know I started the program mid-season so the schedule was already made and I wanted to get it set up in this program but have been unable to do so. next week is our last and I still haven't been able to do this.

Next year I'll plan on auto scheduling however would still like the option to do it manually and to manipulate the schedule. Is this coming soon or have I just missed something?
Author: Deb Amundson
7 years ago   2012-08-22
You should be able to create your schedule ahead of time manually.

To manually edit the schedule click Edit Schedule, then click Setup Matches on top right side. Select the round you wish to edit at the top. Note: the round must be Open to modify.

To setup which teams are playing each other, click the 'Add Team vs Team'. Use this to add each team match up.

To setup the scorecards ahead of time, click the Add Scorecard Assignment. Then click the pencil icon on the left side to select each player required. When done click the Apply Changes to save the scorecard assignments. FYI, the scorecard assignments allow blank scorecards to be printed also.

Let me know if you have any questions about the steps above. Also, this will allow you to modify the automatic schedule.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-08-22
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