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I run a unique league
I run a unique league. We play best ball, with two person teams. The teams play head to head in a match/stroke play with a team handicap. Each hole is worth one point and the total score is worth 3 points, for a total of 12 points per round. The team handicap isn't determined until after the first two rounds, then we go back to round one and apply the teams handicap. Our handicap is based on par 36 (we play 3 different 9-hole courses, each with a different par (35,36,37)). We take a four week running average, subtract 36 and that is the teams handicap. The previous four rounds are used to calculate handicap, not the highest or lowest four (i.e. handicap for week 5 is based on the average of the first four weeks, the handicap for week 9 is based on the average of weeks 5-8).

Hopefully this gives you some new ideas. We are a unique league and I have been looking for a way to track our league, besides creating an excel file each year (which is what I have been doing). I have created a league tracker in excel, but unless my league is exactly the same each year, I have to change the program to accommodate more teams (that can be time consuming).

Is there a way to delete players? Will this program automatically generate scorecards?
Author: John
8 years ago   2011-04-06
Thank you for the information.

As for calculating the handicap, the four (4) week average can be done by setting the Maximum Latest Rounds Used for Handicap to 4 rounds. Only the four last rounds will be used. Also set the Percent of Average to 1.0. This is where a possible problem comes in. The handicap math used by the system is:

Sum of (Round over Par) divided by number of rounds. For the value (Round over Par), the round gross is subtracted from the course's par. If I'm reading your formula correctly, your league always uses 36 for par. Our system will use the course's par (35, 36, or 37). Let me know if this is OK or not.

As for the handicap not be calculated until after the 2nd round, that can be done. You will just have to put the handicap system into manual after the 2nd week. Go back to the first round and edit each scorecard. You just have to open and click the update button. Repeat for the 2nd round. Now put the handicap system back into automatic. I some ideas that I will pass onto the team to make this process easier.

Instead of deleting a player there is an option to set the player to non-active which removes the player from any list. We don't like delete because a player could be on a previous year's scorecard.

As for automatically creating the scorecard, what are you looking for? How do you want to enter the scorecards?
Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2011-04-07
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