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Converting from Individuals to Teams
A Post by you stated <<<We have not found an easy way to use subs with individual matches. I would recommend using team scoring instead with teams of one person. Since team scoring allows subs. Also, I would setup the team names as the individual player's name.

Let us know if you want help in converting to team scoring.>>>

I need such help please?

In addition, I need to figure how to make sub players on these teams if the same person is going to sub for different regular players...?

Author: Kelly Dobens
7 years ago   2012-06-22
I sent an email to you also. But looking at your league you are converting correctly. Let me know how I can help.Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-06-22
To answer your additional question, when entering a scorecard with a sub, change the sub's team # to the team they are sub-ing for. The scorecard's team # entered defines which team is awarded the points. The scorecard's team # will always override the player's defined team #.

Also, don't forget to add team names using the player's name. This is double work but it makes the Team report look better. I added a couple of team names for you as an example.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-06-22
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