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Looking for a position night?
I just became the League Manager and am trying to use your software for the first time. I am getting through it but am wondering how to set up a position night in the schedule. At this point I put in 20 weeks with 2 10-week halves. It schedules 10th and 20th weeks as a normal week. I tried the add function but it still seems to only allow a "normal" setup. Is there some way to add position night to the league schedule?Author: Mike
8 years ago   2011-04-04
This is the first year the web site is public. Since going public we have seen a number of request for different round types. Within the next 30 days we are planning on releasing an update with the new round selections.

Can you explain what your league refers to as "Position Night"? I think this is something we are working on, but I don't want to assume here.
Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2011-04-04
Position Night occurs for us at the middle of the season (week 10) and at the end of the season (week 20) where teams play according to their standings at the end of week 9 and at the end of week 19. 1st Place team plays 2nd place team, 3rd place plays 4th place, 5th place plays 6th place, etc.

Thanks for your help with this.
Author: Mike
8 years ago   2011-04-05
That feature will be in very shortly. We are calling it "Knockdown".

Thank you for letting us know your request. Each league has its own methods and without feedback we cannot improve the site.
Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2011-04-05
Just started looking at your software for use with our league. After creating the schedule is there someway to modify which team is playing which team. We have certain teams that always tee at 4 because the players can all be there and then we have a couple teams that need to always be at the back of the pack. Is there someway to do this?Author: James Love
8 years ago   2011-12-29
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