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play each team once
I used the auto schedule, but I noticed I play some teams twice and some not at all.
Author: scott brushaber
7 years ago   2012-05-16
I looked at your league. Since you have 12 teams and over 12 rounds, the schedule will repeat at the 12 week. Also, you are using knockdown rounds which replaces some team matches. So, your missing team matchups would be at the knockdown week.Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-05-16
We would like to play each team once on regular weeks, and then play the team next to you in the standings on the knockdown weeks.practice week we don't care who we play. Do we need to schedule manually to do this.Author: scott brushaber
7 years ago   2012-05-16
Within LeagueSync we have a battle trying to balance the schedule between all the features required and not over complicating it with options and questions. At this point we have elected to keep it simple. Which does not skip knockdown weeks or ignore practice weeks.

Your request for skipping practice weeks can be handled by having the practice weeks in the 1st period and the regular season in the 2nd period. Each period restarts the team vs team schedule. There is currently no automatic method for the team match up schedule to skip knockdowns at this time. You could change the knockdown weeks back to normal temporarily and to find the missing team match ups. Then manually edit a later round to use the same team match ups.

I'm sorry our basic system does not meet your needs. We are constantly trying to improve the software, but our list of requested improvements is long.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-05-16
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