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Points for absent golfer
Is there a way to give some points to an absent golfer? Our work league is very casual and we don't want to totally penalize someone when they are out. Getting 0 points a couple times a year makes it really hard to be competitive. We actually would like the "Card" points to go to the absent golfer.

Are there any options here? We thought about creating a "Fake" score for that player but that would mess up his handicap and all the stats.

Author: Ken Papke
7 years ago   2012-05-10
What you could do instead of adding a 'fake' card is turn on manual scoring. This allows league managers to modify the points of each scorecard. I would pick another round the player did play and add the points to that card. Add the additional points to both the individual and team totals. This would allow the player to receive the points and not cause problems with the handicap.

FYI, if you use the manual points to modify a card, always modify the card after the round is closed. Closing a round could reset an modifications.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-05-11
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