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I would like to request a feature to limit skins to only include players who have entered the skins competition. In our league, skins are optional. Not all players get involved. it would be incredibly nice to be able to define which players are playing the skins each week and omit the scores of those who are not from the skins report. Author: William Hunter
7 years ago   2012-05-08
Yes that one is requested often. It is in the feature list near the top. Not sure when it will be finished.Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-05-09
From messages I am seeing in this forum I can tell that there is a way to have the program calculate skins won. I am unsure how to set this up for my league and unfortunately your help menu is very limited.

Kim Stamper
Author: Charlotte Trombley
7 years ago   2012-07-25
Our help is very limited and we are sorry for that. So, please ask questions.

As for the skins, it is a report that can be added to home page or standing pages. For now I added the skin report to your standing page. The report can be configured to use the handicap strokes or not.

We are planning on adding a more advanced version of skins that will track more information and allow players to be included or excluded.

Again, ask any questions you may have.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-07-25
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