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After I log in, how do I set everything up?
Hi, after I log in, how do I set everything up.? There is no place (that I can find) to enter all the league info.Author: Carolyn
8 years ago   2011-03-30
The league information is under "League" on the top menu. Under this menu you can edit the league preferences for scoring and how to calculate the handicap.

Your league members are setup under "Players" on the top menu.

Since you are a manager, you need to login into your league using the User Login on the home page to have edit capabilities. Your home page on the site should show you a checklist with a link to each item that needs to be setup.

The League Login is for your league members to see the scores, but without edit rights.

If you have any more questions or problems in setting up your league, please let us know either posting here or email to support. Also, we are willing to setup your golf course for you, if you send us an image of the scorecard.
Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2011-03-30
New manager for this site. I am reading all your forum questions so I don't bother you with ones you've answered before.
My league has two man teams with each playing their own ball. Low team score wins 2 pts. for the team & then 2 for total at the end. There is no head to head or individual play. I assume your system will have no trouble with this.
I used a different on line system last year & ran into a problem with the maximum strokes over par that were allowed to be recorded for each player. I set it up as 3 & should have used more like 8. Problem occurred in that it kept the handicaps very tight when we are really all a bunch of hackers. Does this system allow for high handicaps & will it also allow me to limit the strokes given for 9 holes to no more than 9?
Author: doug huberty
7 years ago   2012-04-09
Easy question first: the upper limit on strokes per hole is above 20 strokes per hole. A lot of us are hackers.

As for the your scoring, that should not be a problem. But a lot leagues use the same description for different methods. Could you give me a better description on your scoring method to be sure.

Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-04-09
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