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vs Card settings?
I guess I don't understand these settings:
"Card" Net Score (Offset to Par)
(Stroke Play Points)
"Card" Hole Score (Offset to Par)
(Points per Hole Points)
I have these set @ 0 (should they be?)
But I have notice a couple scoring issues playing against the card.
Last weeks scoring (Ackerman vs Card) gave a point to the player when he shot a 4 on the par 3 #15, (he did get a stroke but it should've been a half) then on #18 he made par (4) and had no strokes and scored a point which should've been a half too.
Do I have the settings wrong? & can I have a quick explanation of what those settings are.
Thanks and I love this set up and site.
Author: Steve Irmen
7 years ago   2012-05-04
I found the scoring problem...I had it set the "player to get ties" to yes.
I changed it and it solved it.
I still would like to know a little about the :
"Card" Net Score (Offset to Par)
(Stroke Play Points)
"Card" Hole Score (Offset to Par)
Author: Steve Irmen
7 years ago   2012-05-04
The Card method we use was given to us by another league. It is a very simple method. But there are some areas that could use improvement.

Basic concept is the player is playing against the course's scorecard (or card). The player gets their full handicap. Therefore a player will tie the card if they shot par on the hole with their handicap strokes.

The "Card Hole Score (offset to Par)" adds a # of strokes in each hole. Example: a value of one (1) would allow the player to tie the card if they shot one over par (bogey). This rule is almost always zero.

The "Card Net Score (Offset to Par)" adds a # of strokes to the course's total par. Example: a value of 3 would give the card a net score of 39 (if course's par is 36). The player would tie the card if his/her net score was 39. This value is to help the player since the "card" never makes a mistake.

A typical method is allow the player to win ties for 2 reasons. 1) The "card" will never make a mistake. 2) A bonus to the player who showed up to play.

Also, the "card" cannot win points. A couple of feature request on the list are: 1) A ghost version that can win points for the missing player. 2) An option to add strokes on a # of hardest holes to the card or ghost. This would make the card a little easier.

And thank you for the feedback.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-05-04
I am having the opposite issue. When a team is playing against a no show, they should be playing against the card at par. I have the program set to "player wins ties" = yes. But the program is splitting the points when the team gets par. I am guessing that I have something set wrong in my preferences but can't figure it out. Please help.

I love this website, btw. It has taken the time and effort for me to input the information down to not much. I love the convenience of accessing the website from my phone when I am on the course and one of the players has a question!

Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!
Author: Tamara Dixon
3 years ago   2016-06-29
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