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Handicap updating
This is my first time using the program. It seems great but I just entered our first round, that was scored as a practise/handicap.
It appears the handicaps are updating as I enter the scores not until I finish.
This weeks scoring shows net scores with new handicaps?
Did I set something up wrong?
Author: Doug Leep
7 years ago   2012-04-26
I checked your league and everything is updating correctly. The website will always calculate a handicap for new players. The system uses the handicap rule "For 1st Round Played (No History)" to calculate there handicap after the round. By using this method a new player can start playing mid season and still have a handicap for scoring. The practice status of the round just causes no points to be calculated.

If this still does not match what you are expecting, please let us know.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-04-27
I may have been looking at it wrong last night, it was late.
Maybe because it was a practise round it updated differently but normally the current round would not be included in handicaps for scoring that round?
If a player goes out with a 10 but shoots well and drops one or two points on their handicap, which one gets used to score that round?
I think it's okay, thanks.
Author: Doug Leep
7 years ago   2012-04-27
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